Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Is a Career Coach for you ?

Career coaches aren't just for Fortune 500 CEOs. You and me can both make use of one as well. Yes, it's no surprise that even coaches need coaching from coaches with more experience. So, if your question is how's that? I'd say that good Coaches guide you in achieving so many things in life. Not only career related but in areas of personal development as well. So let's explore what this Coach can do and why you should make use of one.

Your Coach can help your Career Advancement

Do you get passed up during promotions in your organization? Your Career Coach can most certainly work with you to help on it. A good Career Coach will be able to help you identify areas of your professional life that you need to work on. Often it will be your skills or competencies that need some working on. But, if you don't bother to ask, you'll never know.

Your Coach will help you develop your goal, a strategy and a plan of action. Good Coaches help you decide exactly what you want from your career and identify areas that you need to work on. This in my view is the number one reason for using a Career Coach. If you don't even know where you are going you'll never get there.

Your Coach can help you in your Career Transition

Today, more often than not, there are far too many who are a victim of lack of guidance, landing up with careers they are not so happy with. Are you happy with your current career? or do you fancy a change from it? A Career Coach can help you here, too. Sit down and develop a plan to either retrain for a new career, even if it is to start up your own venture.

Sit down with your coach, develop a plan. If you don't, you'll just keep plodding away in your current career. Before you know it, several years will pass and you'll still be an unhappy soul. Don't let your life pass bye. Take the step to take control.

Your Coach can help you in Achieving Your Dreams

Everyone has dreams though most never get down to achieving them. You just don't have to be one of those if you take control of your actions in making the most from your life. Of course to make your dreams come true you need a plan, Often we come across those that don't have a plan ... to me their dream is just a fantasy that does not have a strong desire to fulfill. Then there are those that have a plan but find the "brick walls" that seem too difficult to overcome. More often than not that you need the Coach, a friend, philosopher and guide to give you the confidence to carry it through.

Once you've devised your plan it's easy to put it to one side and forget about it. But when you have a Coach he / she'll push you and give you the stretch to achieve your goals along the way.

Have you hired a Career Coach, a Leadership Coach, an Executive Coach or a Business coach – good or bad? We want to hear about your experience, and the criteria you used to select your coach. Please give us comments with your tips, suggestions or feedback!

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Biotech Products Immediate Available Mumbai said...

Nice post Bomi!
This article is very effective when the person knows "he needs a coach" who can bridge the gap between where he/she is to, where he/she want to reach?

In some of the cases, the well-wisher suggests the coach. Its quite similar to Potential Patient having mild symptoms. They tend to ignore it assuming, it would get cured on its own, or its OK to live with this pain.
Then comes the opinion leader, and they give advice, visit such-and-such doctor, and he has cured several patients like you, and the person gets appointment of that Dr. and surrenders completely with complete trust. The outcome of such transaction is, the person would certainly get good experience while undergoing the curing/coaching sessions, and symptoms would become insignificant as compared to views he/she would develop at the end of sessions.

In my view - about such transaction is to find out "whose opinion client believes in"


on getting directions from such Opinion Leader, he/she would surrender to coach?

Influencing such opinion leaders, matters a lot on getting success, for enrollment of coaching clients. Sharing your success in different situations with such opinion leaders, helps them to look up to you, as some one who is "interesting" and they will be "interested" in you.

Wish you all the best :)
Tushar Barad

BomiM said...

Thank you for your view, Tushar.

Yes, you are right that many in the eastern culture still fall back considerably on "opinion leaders" than on their own judgment.